A downloadable game for Windows

Portal Unity is a tech demo replicating some of Portal's mechanic in Unity Engine with Universal Render Pipeline.

It has recursivity, pass through portals and will be updated with more levels in a future. Tested on Nintendo Switch with 60fps.

This was made only for learning purposes.

- Original Game's resources extracted by D3fau4 and game made by Manurocker95.

- Original Game: Valve


* Controls: (Keyboard - Xbox - PS4)


- Movement: WASD or Left Joystick
- Camera rotation: Mouse move or Right Joystick
- Blue Portal: Left Mouse Click or LT/L2
- Orange Portal: Right Mouse Click or RT/R2
- Run: Left Shift (Pressed) + Movement or LB/L1 (Pressed) + Movement
- Jump: Spacebar or A/X
- Interact, Grab and Drop: E or X/Square
- Debug Console: F1 or (LB + RB + Dpad-Down + Y)/(L1 + R1 + Dpad-Down + Triangle)
- Pause Menu: Escape
- AutoComplete in debug Console: Tab

In Menu: 

- Confirm: Spacebar or A/X
- Cancel: Escape or B/Circle


* Debug console commands


The game comes with a console that allows you to play with some commands. Some cool ones are:

- Set-Blue-Portal-Color [r] [g] [b] : Which sets the color for blue portal in the RGB you want. Want different portals?
- Set-Orange-Portal-Color [r] [g] [b] : Which sets the color for blue portal in the RGB you want. Want different portals?
- Set-Portal-Recursions [Number] : Which sets the recursios per portal. More recursions make the game go slower, as you may expect.
- Set-Portal-Resolution [width] [height]: Which sets portal resolutions. Default values are 512x512 with 3 recursions, but if you want a more HD look, check: Set-Portal-Resolution 2048 2048
- Show-FPS/Hide-FPS: Show and hide FPS 
- Show-Full-Specs: Show FPS and your PC specs (and RAM usage)


PortalUnity_Windows.rar 149 MB
README.md 2 kB

Install instructions

- Download the .rar

- Unzip it anywhere in your computer.

- Click on Portal Unity.exe. 

- Play (recommended with XBOX controller).


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did you released the level 2?

(1 edit)

the game is very good but when i open the console the game crashes

and there is only one level

but the portals and teleportation is epic (expect for the object bc they can't get through the portals if it's being grabbed and the player aren't at the exiting portal.)

portal shader is cool but teleportation is bad

emmm I need for macOS

how do i download it for right no


how do I download it!

click rar

pls Level 2



(2 edits)

when i un zip it it says that there it no archives. I don't know why?

but please can anyone help me

can I get the source code please?

I want to port portal to the quest 2 properly and not like cactus cowboy.  

if you wanna "port" it properly, then port it properly in source engine, instead of remaking the game.

add more test chamber

how did he hook up it to switch??????

the best fan game portal of my life congratulations but can you add levels

guys the cake is a lie... there is no cake in this game

i finish the level in 6 second exactly, i love this game.

many glitch, but it make the game fun

Will there be updates for this game

(2 edits)

Hey, I'm thinking about porting this to the oculus quest(1/2). Would like to know if you are okay with this, my discord is Epiccreeper102#0001 . Please send me a dm if you want to talk about this more. Would be appreciated!

ey, I've wanted to do the same and saw your comment. if you got permission I'd like to work together on this if you want


Alright cool, send me a message on discord incase we wanna make anything else.

for some reason, the game crashes whenever i open the debug console

how did u get it on switch?

it's a good idea. give valve a big middle finger by making portal 3 for them

linux plz i really wanna play this but i only have linux

Hey, love the game and the concept. might I suggest adding a sandbox mode for level design. then have the community send their designs to you. just a thought to help bring your game up a notch.

Can you try to port it to browser

i want to play it on web brower

i dont think you can play a game like Portal on browser

can you add a setting to change the graphics? my game was lagging so i went to lower down the res and there was no option to

Why does the game crash when I open the debug console

hmmmmmm i seem to be stuck on level 1

So far it's the only level.

wait i cant unzip a .rar tho so plz tell me how

You can get 7-Zip and install it. After that, you'll be able to extract plenty of compressed files, including .rar files.

thx bro


do u need a graphics card for this?




Hey, Can you make new levels, because I can't just play the same level every time.🥱🥱


How did you play it on switch?

With hekate, its a switch hack thing, dont do it your switch might get bricked

i love this game, but when i open the debug thing it crashes and i am useing windows 10, so plz help me, and will there be a update?

hmm, it is not crashing for me. Did you open it at any specific moment?


It works for me just fine on my 2 computers :( 

that is sad

brah this is pretty much awesome i just completed portal 1 and i said i wanted sprint in it and boom a game of portal with sprint nice


Hello !
I tell you how I feel about this game.

1: Why only Spanish as a second language?
2: When launching the level, the game crashes. Why ?

Thank you for taking the time to read this commentary!

My main language: French.
Bot_actually_Translation: English




Answering one by one:

1: I just added Spanish and English because tbh, I was lazy enough to not do adding more. I could update it with french if you prefer it :) 

2: It should not crash. it's not crashing for me on Windows 10.

A_Special_Bot_3.0/Translation_File: French to English.

Hello !
Regarding your answer:

1. English is good enough. But put it in French if you like and for my pleasure. :)

2. I am using Windows-NT 6.1. More exactly, Windows Seven. I am using the latest version. I could give you an attachment giving my computer information. In advance, I tell you, it is a laptop PC.

Thank you and have a good end of the evening as well as a good end of the holidays!