A downloadable game for Windows

Portal Unity is a tech demo replicating some of Portal's mechanic in Unity Engine with Universal Render Pipeline.

It has recursivity, pass through portals and will be updated with more levels in a future. Tested on Nintendo Switch with 60fps.

This was made only for learning purposes.

- Original Game's resources extracted by D3fau4 and game made by Manurocker95.

- Original Game: Valve


* Controls: (Keyboard - Xbox - PS4)


- Movement: WASD or Left Joystick
- Camera rotation: Mouse move or Right Joystick
- Blue Portal: Left Mouse Click or LT/L2
- Orange Portal: Right Mouse Click or RT/R2
- Run: Left Shift (Pressed) + Movement or LB/L1 (Pressed) + Movement
- Jump: Spacebar or A/X
- Interact, Grab and Drop: E or X/Square
- Debug Console: F1 or (LB + RB + Dpad-Down + Y)/(L1 + R1 + Dpad-Down + Triangle)
- Pause Menu: Escape
- AutoComplete in debug Console: Tab

In Menu: 

- Confirm: Spacebar or A/X
- Cancel: Escape or B/Circle


* Debug console commands


The game comes with a console that allows you to play with some commands. Some cool ones are:

- Set-Blue-Portal-Color [r] [g] [b] : Which sets the color for blue portal in the RGB you want. Want different portals?
- Set-Orange-Portal-Color [r] [g] [b] : Which sets the color for blue portal in the RGB you want. Want different portals?
- Set-Portal-Recursions [Number] : Which sets the recursios per portal. More recursions make the game go slower, as you may expect.
- Set-Portal-Resolution [width] [height]: Which sets portal resolutions. Default values are 512x512 with 3 recursions, but if you want a more HD look, check: Set-Portal-Resolution 2048 2048
- Show-FPS/Hide-FPS: Show and hide FPS 
- Show-Full-Specs: Show FPS and your PC specs (and RAM usage)

Install instructions

- Download the .rar

- Unzip it anywhere in your computer.

- Click on Portal Unity.exe. 

- Play (recommended with XBOX controller).


PortalUnity_Windows.rar 149 MB
README.md 2 kB


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for some reason, the game crashes whenever i open the debug console

how did u get it on switch?

it's a good idea. give valve a big middle finger by making portal 3 for them

linux plz i really wanna play this but i only have linux

Hey, love the game and the concept. might I suggest adding a sandbox mode for level design. then have the community send their designs to you. just a thought to help bring your game up a notch.

Can you try to port it to browser

i want to play it on web brower

i dont think you can play a game like Portal on browser

can you add a setting to change the graphics? my game was lagging so i went to lower down the res and there was no option to

Why does the game crash when I open the debug console

hmmmmmm i seem to be stuck on level 1

So far it's the only level.

wait i cant unzip a .rar tho so plz tell me how

You can get 7-Zip and install it. After that, you'll be able to extract plenty of compressed files, including .rar files.

thx bro


do u need a graphics card for this?




Hey, Can you make new levels, because I can't just play the same level every time.🥱🥱


How did you play it on switch?

With hekate, its a switch hack thing, dont do it your switch might get bricked

i love this game, but when i open the debug thing it crashes and i am useing windows 10, so plz help me, and will there be a update?

hmm, it is not crashing for me. Did you open it at any specific moment?


It works for me just fine on my 2 computers :( 

that is sad

brah this is pretty much awesome i just completed portal 1 and i said i wanted sprint in it and boom a game of portal with sprint nice


Hello !
I tell you how I feel about this game.

1: Why only Spanish as a second language?
2: When launching the level, the game crashes. Why ?

Thank you for taking the time to read this commentary!

My main language: French.
Bot_actually_Translation: English




Answering one by one:

1: I just added Spanish and English because tbh, I was lazy enough to not do adding more. I could update it with french if you prefer it :) 

2: It should not crash. it's not crashing for me on Windows 10.

A_Special_Bot_3.0/Translation_File: French to English.

Hello !
Regarding your answer:

1. English is good enough. But put it in French if you like and for my pleasure. :)

2. I am using Windows-NT 6.1. More exactly, Windows Seven. I am using the latest version. I could give you an attachment giving my computer information. In advance, I tell you, it is a laptop PC.

Thank you and have a good end of the evening as well as a good end of the holidays!